Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tsk tsk Capcom

Apparently the Wii port of Ōkami had the credits cut from the version, and this has been confirmed by Capcom themselves. The reason? Some legal issues regarding the usage of the now dissolved Clover Studio logo. Which to me seems to be a none issue, other than the fact that Capcom is being lazy yet again. Ōkami's credit sequence is one of the most beautiful that I've ever had the honour to sit through and is integral to the experience of the game, so to found out that the credit film (and epilogue) has been cut out from an allegedly shoddy Wii port and not been replaced, saddens me. The very fact that Capcom did not bother to transcribe the names of the people who originally made Ōkami and put them into a new credit sequence is, as Ōkami's director Hideki Kamiya puts it, utterly deplorable. For shame Capcom, you can even get the list for free from MobyGames.

Here's the low quality YouTube video of the credit for you to enjoy, with Ayaka Hirahara's Reset. After watching it go buy and play the definitive PS2 version of
Ōkami - one of the finest games ever created. I hope Capcom does the decent thing and include the credits with the Wii EU release.


Adrian said...

In some ways I'm glad the Wii version is inferior as it means I can resume my partially completed game on the PS2 instead of buying a new improved version and having to start again. Shame the staff aren't getting credited though.

Jon said...

I never thought the celestial brush was a problem with the PS2 version, after much practice. Not sure why anyone thought that the Wii version would be better - it is a port after all.