Friday, May 16, 2008

Last ever Circle Line party

The last ever Circle Line party, until Boris Johnson is voted out, will be held this coming 31st May. It will mark the end of boozing on the Tube when the no alcohol ban comes into force the following day. Rather coincidentally we will be in Central London on that very day on a completely unrelated matter and residing close to a Circle Line station. Chances are we will be attending, and we will be bringing over plenty of stuff. Sorry Boris, you won't be stopping us having one last hurrah. Some etiquette lessons for those who never attended a Circle Line party before. Be nice to your fellow commuters. Many will be extremely supportive - even joining in on the party. Party only when the train hits the tunnels. Most important of all, enjoy yourself. Hope to see you there.

Inspired by the SpaceHijackers, the party is being organised by numerous groups and will begin from 9pm at Liverpool Street Station clockwise platform (eastbound). More info on the various parties here.

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