Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notice to Londoners: Oriental City closes next week

As some of you may or may not know already, Oriental City (formerly Yaohan Plaza) will finally close shop at the end of next week. I've been going there for the past eight years and love the place. It is a pity to see such a community being driven away to make way for yet another B&Q, but hei this is business and unfortunately money talks in big business.

Any who, best for anyone who hasn't been there yet to get down there and sample the food from the various stalls at the food hall. It is within walking distance from Colindale tube station. Various buses also goes there (142 from Brent Cross, 32 from Kilburn, 303 from Edgware and 292 from Borehamwood). The Utsuwa-no-Yakata store, the remaining original tenant of the complex, is having a massive clear out sale as well, so at least you get to get cheap Japanese kitchen and table wares.


Jon Choo said...

BBC News just posted an article summarising the whole affair:

QUIK! said...

It's just so sad that they are closing down, and they couldn't even find a place to relocate.

I go to Oriental city twice a month and it's the best place to shop, and I prefer it to the Chinatown in Leceister Sq.


tokyo_nights said...

Hi Jon! Do you mind changing the link to my blog (Nine Over Ten 9/10) to ?


Jon Choo said...

@Quik, shame. It is better than Chinatown.

@Toyko Nights. Sorry I was away during the weekend. Will continue to be away the whole week.