Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boris says no to booze (on Tube)

From next month drinking (and possibly carrying - the policy seems vagued) alcohol on London's public transport network will be banned. While I tend to dislike binge drinkers, mainly because they tend to puke all over the place - I have yet to be bothered by them. And that's from someone who regularly rides on the Tube late at night or makes use of those 24 hour night buses - which I am 99% certain the Mayor probably does not.

I have seen plenty of perfectly sober people dressed in Gucci loafers causing more trouble than drunken louts. These are of course merely anecdotal evidence, so take that with a tiny pinch of salt if you rather - though I am sure I have used the Tube far more than Boris and his team of advisers. Just that now future Circle Line parties and the next four years of New Year's Eve tube rides will boring events. And summer's just around the cornet too - imagine that, no cold lager to cool you off. But I guess people itching for a drink should just drive seeing how social drinkers are now discouraged from taking public transportations...

So this is the first gimmicky, reactionary and populist policy passed by the new Mayor. Fact is enforcing this will be a nightmare and the majority of TfL's staffers will likely to just ignore harmless offenders. And I am not so sure the police would want to waste their time chucking innocent offenders into jails for having a casual drink, especially when they and SO13 can have fun participating in gun battles with lawyers. (Yes I am aware of the irony)

Also lol at the media seemingly treating Tuesday's shooting as bizarre. It's like they are implying that these kinds of things only happens to the less wealthy...

Picture by tompagenet's on Flickr

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