Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh ITV...

The main part of the awards show, which was produced for ITV by independent production company Michael Hurll Television, went out live on ITV1, but the broadcaster cut away from the event at 10.30pm to broadcast its news bulletin.

However, the awards carried on and were recorded to be broadcast "as live" once the news had finished.

While the news was being broadcast, Ant and Dec were presented with the people's choice award for their Saturday Night Takeaway show, even though viewers had not been told this and were continuing to be allowed to vote.

Remind me again why I don't watch ITV? And of stupid viewers voting via telephone... Personally I believe ITV got off very lightly considering the amount scammed, and the fine isn't big enough to deter other broadcasters or indeed ITV themselves. Like one commentator on The Guardian pointed out, steal from a shop and you are expected a hefty fine and a spell in Her Majesty's Prison Service. Why should a large cooperation be treated any different?

via Guardian

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Anonymous said...

Rofl. Kyon sums up what I feel about ITV.