Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My true life GTA IV experience

Dimwitted Girl 1: Oooo, is that it? Grand Theft Auto.
Dimwitted Girl 2: Is this it?
Dimwitted Girl 3: Yeah, it says here GTA five, yeah.
Dimwitted Girl 1: What does he want?
Dimwitted Girl 3: Call him, yeah.
Dimwitted Girl 2: (calls) I've got Grand Theft Auto here yeah. (pause) GTA five. (pause) Uh, oh, GTA four? (pause - picks up another copy) It says here yeah, GTA one five.
Dimwitted Girl 1: This says GTA 'i' five, yeah.
Dimwitted Girl 3: Is this for PlayStation 2?
Dimwitted Girl 2: GTA six innit.

That's it for my GTA IV experience. Note, that this is my first and last GTA IV related post. No amount of hyped 10s will make me cave, ever! Not even when the inevitable superior PC version gets released!


RichardAM said...

After seven hours playing, i'm confident in saying it's not a perfect ten. Nine maybe? A high-eight?

Hopefully i'll have a higher number upon completion.

Jon said...

Number aside, I will probably won't play a GTA game for a very long time. Loved I and II, liked III enough to play through to the end, but burned out by the time San Andreas came out. Kinda like how I am feeling about Zelda games at the moment. :(