Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some none news

Quote of the day

"But don't worry. I'm not about to create Wii Fit. As for Snake, though... that's it. It's over."
Hideo Kojima (EDGE 188), assuring his admirers that despite MGS4 being his last Metal Gear game as a director, he won't be making none-games just yet. It gives me great hope that we will one day see Zone of the Enders 3.


A poll by parents to find out what kind of material they find offensive in video games revealed some not too surprising results. Perhaps as an affirmation on their religious values or merely current taboos, 37% responded stating that they find scenes of heterosexuals having sex to be offensive and 27% who hated the idea of two men kissing, compared to the 26% who would squirm at the sight of a severed human head. Can't say I am surprised though. The date might read 2008, but many are still living in their own little Victorian paradise.

via Wired


RichardAM said...

I've yet to read the MGS feature fully- i'm scared doing so i'll want a PS3, and having no money currently, well, go figure.

Kojima stepping back from Metal Gear would be great though, except, isn't this something that he says everytime there's a new game out? He's got a habit of going back on his threats. ;)

Jon said...

He did mention that if he does work on the Metal Gear franchise again, it would be as a producer. But who knows? It was supposed to end with MGS2 and yet here we are on the seventh game... Reading through, I have this feeling that he was getting a bit bored with the whole story, and he even wished he didn't create the clone plotlines just so it would end in MGS. Rebooting the franchise would not necessarily be an awful idea after MGS4, me thinks.

As for getting a PS3, maybe this will help!


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to play MGS4.