Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You call that an earthquake? LOL

In another fine example of hysterical Britain, the 'shocking' earthquake that hit Lincolnshire early this morning has gripped much of the country. Apparently tremors were felt as far as London when the 10 second quake hit just before 1am. Personally I don't recall feeling anything as I laid in bed engrossingly pushing Apollo Justice towards its epic conclusion.

Damages were insignificant in comparison to the massive amount in-depth wall to wall coverage dedicated of this pathetic earthquake masquerading as something bigger. These includes broken chimneys, damaged roof tiles, moving furnitures, broken bottles, banging doors, traffic delays and singing birds! But the way the mass media is treating the quake (with live reports, helicopters flyover, interview with 2 year old kids who slept through it) you would think Ragnarok has truly arrived to claim us all.


Latest rumour is that Hollywood is keen to create a film adaptation of Britain's biggest quake in 25 years. I hear Ridley Scott will be directing with the movie starring expat Tom Cruise as the hero who saved daughter Dakota Fanning from a killer roof tile. It will be released next summer to coincide with a number of other Hollywood disaster films, such as one based on the Heathrow crash.

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