Thursday, January 17, 2008

ZOMG! Plane crash in Heathrow!!!

If the above headline would ever make BBC News 24 and CNN don't ever act surprise. Seriously, a plane crash landing at Heathrow airport is a pretty big deal - in Slough, West London. But sweet jesus, lay off the melodrama and let the investigators do their jobs. We do not need rolling news with interviews after interviews with so-called experts and a cabbie who 'dodged' death for what seems likely to be a mere plane failure. And to report live from a Scottish airport just because a couple of flights were cancelled? It is like Madeleine McCann all over again except it doesn't involve dodgy parents and people suddenly 'remembering stuff' months later.

This 'crash landing' is a none-event, a nothingness, a small blimp of error in the day that didn't even result in a single serious injury. It merely qualifies as a "and on with today's other news" bulletin.

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