Saturday, January 26, 2008


So after rushing through Etna mode in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, guess which game I started on the PSP? Another strategy jRPG port. But I am so burnt out from Disgaea, that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lion will have to take a back seat for now what with the release of turn based strategy title Advance Wars: Dark Conflict (Days of Ruin) yesterday (more on that later). A replay of a classic (Tactics) with its beautiful pencil-shaded animations deserves its full attention, not when I am too tired. Sucks to be my wallet right now, but I am sure I will revisit Tactics soon enough to justify the beating.

Oh, returned my PSP Slim and got a new one. Apparently the d-pad was faulty but I didn't realised it until I tried my mate's, where after a couple of minutes with his copy of Tekken going back to mine I found it not as responsive. The left part of the unit was squeaking too, but I must have missed that as I always play with headphones. ^_^" No new piano black in stock so I had to settle for ceramic white instead. I had my initial doubts on white, but right now I just find this lovely as the picture indicates - almost as pretty as my first choice, the Japan exclusive light blue version. The d-pad works perfectly here and there is no squeaking to be heard. Very glad to have noticed the problem. Q(^.^Q)

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Hot PSP lite! Looks really sexy.