Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Johnny Foreigner suspect in Maddy case

Curiously Team McCann today provided an e-fit sketch of the 'suspicious' man purportedly to have taken young Madeleine McCann nine months after she was allegedly kidnapped. I say curious because just months ago almost everyone on the Team McCann side (including the Tapas seven), with the help of their British press contacts, kept insisting that it was Robert Murat (and his girlfriend in Morocco) who took Madeleine McCann.

The British media, not wanting to pass up writing nasty stuff about some Johnny Foreigner, has jumped on this story claiming it to be the next breakthrough in the case while giving their usual tabloid-ish tired foul mouthed rant on the Portuguese police force. Ignoring the fact that the time the tourist saw the man was in April 2007, they have also speculated that the e-fit is of someone of foreign origin - but looking at it all I see is a long haired moustached guy who could very well be just about anyone long haired with a moustache... in Britain.

The man is alleged to have spoken with broken English, a significant lead into proving his guilt (it doesn't matter that he is in Portugal, a country which first language is NOT English). The foreigner is also alleged to have claimed to be collecting for a charity which I have to admit is a pretty suspicious thing. Lord knows I should have kept a watchful eye of that red nose idiot who came running down towards me demanding a quid for silly Comic Relief some years ago - I swore he was up to no good. Other leads that may as well proved his role in the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann was the fact that he was alone on the beach, once again you just have to hop down to Brighton seafront where you will find many loners contemplating their next offence.

So is the charitable guy a 'BEAST!' because he has a dodgy eye like former fall guy Robert Murat, or is it the long hair or the moustache? Or is it simply because he is foreign? The News of the World claims that this e-fit is serious and they have passed the picture to the Leicestershire police. God knows what they are doing, maybe they truly believe the suspect to be the McCann's family hairdresser.

In other none-news, the BBC is headlining their News 24 bulletins with news that the BA airplane has been... moved! Never mind that the people of Gaza has been denied the most basic human right of electricity, we have a video of a plane being moved!


Giant Lenin said...

Hah. Your article is great, I completely agree. Personally I always wondered why they never make a big deal about the rest of the thousands of kids (and people) that go missing each year.

And it does seem to be that there really isn't any news worth watching any more, you have to find everything by searching endlessly through the internet.

It's rediculous. Shame on you Britain! *tut-tut*

Jon said...

None middle class, none blonde, none female.

Basically anything from council estates or that "look foreign" has less chance of it making the big news.

Thanks for the comment.