Friday, January 4, 2008

Indiana Jones feature

While a script by David Koepp doesn't inspire much confidence, I am still looking forward to the new Indiana Jones film coming this year. Yes growing up with Indiana Jones meant that I am a huge Indy fanboy. Though at a ripe old age of 65, Harrison Ford I think is still good enough to portray a bumbling Indy.

Anyway, Vanity Fair has a massive feature on the film production as well as interviews with the Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, the key people behind The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Also in the article is a picture of Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) inside what appears to be the government warehouse from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Very interesting. Plus the shot of the ever beautiful Cate Blanchett as Indiana Jones's Soviet nemesis is getting me even more excited. May can't come soon enough.

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