Sunday, January 13, 2008

House cleaning dood!

After much internal debating I finally halved my games and DVD film collection. As many collectors would attest, it is nice having a huge collection but sometimes these can get out of hand. I just thought that there ought to be a boundary somewhere on whether one should keep their collection for the sake of keeping. Kudos to people with huge dens where they have thousands of games and films but unfortunately I do not have the space, nor the money and patience to keep up. So I learn to let go.

It is nice having the extra space for other shits. You know, like more games and DVDs... ;)

Been replaying Disgaea much lately thanks to the Etna mode on the PSP version. Wonderful port BTW with Japanese voice acting FTW. Expect a glowing review in the near future. Speaking of Disgaea, check out the intro from Disgaea 3:

Sweet Laharl, Etna and Flonne making cameos here. I feel so justified clearing out the games that I hardly ever touched anyway, making way for a future copy of Disgaea 3. Come on SCEE, with the dollar getting hammered do you still think it is okay we pay near double the Americans do???

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