Thursday, January 24, 2008

James Bond 22 gets Sci-fi B-movie title

Some of you may know that I am not a fan of Casino Royale, nor Daniel Craig's demented take on Britain's most famous fictional cold war spy. But at least I can take comfort with the fact that there has been no badly named James Bond films, yet. Almost all Bond films, good or bad, had a catchy title that rolls of your tongue perfectly. Goldeneye, Die Another Day, Diamonds are Forever, License to Kill and Live and Let Die are some of the Bond titles that I consider pretty classy.

Today the next Bond film title, previously known as Bond 22, has been revealed to be Quantum of Solace and will be a direct sequel of the awful Casino Royale I wasted 5 quid on. The title is based on a lesser known short story by Ian Fleming, though I am sure that the film will have almost no reference to the story (in the book Bond only appears as a background character) which was initially published by girl bible Cosmopolitan! In the film we will find Bond seeking revenge for the death of Vesper Lynd. Doesn't sounds like James Bond to me - in fact it sounds like the plot of another film I rather like. Yes, Bourne Supremacy. I predict another hit for MGM, but with many film goers likely to just blurt out "James Bond" for their tickets.

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