Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gitaroo Man Lives! for a fiver, plus mini-review

Yesterday I found two copies of Gitaroo Man Lives! in a local GAME store for only a fiver each. Five quid for an old game isn't that great, but this is a bargain considering the title - even if I was a little late to the party. For the cost of a crap meal that may kill you, this is one solid impulse purchase that you ought never regret. Not sure why GAME's website lists it for £14.99 (same price at Amazon), but from what I understand the five quid price is valid at most of GAME's brick and mortar stores. Note: these are for new copies, not preowned.

Gitaroo Man Lives! is a port of Gitaroo Man for PS2 and was developed by iNiS, whom some of you may recognise as the developer behind the Japan-only cult favourite Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (best rhythm game ever) series and Elite Beat Agents. Like Ouendan and other beat music games like PaRappa, this is a rhythm game that is as compelling as it is addictive. Visuals are stunning and for a port you will be hard pressed to find something to complain about. The PSP Slim's pair of face speakers are good, but unfortunately does not provide enough fidelity to truly enjoy the variety of genre music including original (none-licensed) J-pop.

The game requires usage of the analogue pad, which isn't as good as playing on a Dual Shock - but what can you do? You could theoretically mod your PSP, but then you won't be able to fit it in your pocket. Gameplay is very simple, just move your right thumb along to trace the line and press the corresponding face buttons (Square, Δ, O and Χ) as indicated to charge, dodge and attack. Each tracks are divided into three sections: charge, attack and defending. The first two requires the usage of the analogue pad, where as defending/guarding does not as it works more like a traditional DDR style rhythm game without the line tracing. It is easy enough to get into, but it is an awfully difficult game to master. I won't bother explaining the storyline, as it is nonsensical enough not to put much care into.

Any who, seeing that this game supports local multiplayer - why not do yourself and your valentine a favour and get two copies.



EvilRedEye said...

Gah! I really want a PSP. Loved the original game.

Jon Choo said...

Preowned market mate. Plenty of used PSPs around from Christmas leftover.

Also for a fiver you can get this and gawk at it. :)

Anonymous said...

Holyfuck my fav PS2 game on PSP went under my radar!