Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marks & Spencer sought positive green PR

Today's decision by Marks & Spencer to charge for carrier plastic bags is a first step in the right direction. We always carry an empty backpack (not those designer totes) whenever we do our groceries anyway, so we won't be affected by it. The main problem yet to be addressed however are imported food goods, and here M&S is still guilty. For example M&S sells organic spring onions imported from Kenya! I understand certain food produces (like bananas) has to be imported, but spring onions are also grown here. Another example is asparagus, a native to mainland Europe, are mainly imported from South America and China.

So while it is great that the latest campaign by M&S will do good in reducing carrier plastic consumption, in my opinion this is merely a PR stunt aimed at receiving some good willed green publicity. I highly doubt that M&S is any more sustainable than they were a year ago. Visit their lunch section and you will find plenty of sliced fruits pre-bagged. I find it silly that people can't be bothered to slice up their own fruits. Even whole fresh fruits are pre-packed!

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