Saturday, February 9, 2008

Last CNY meal at Oriental City?

I have been coming to Oriental City for the past eight years every time I fancy dining over some nice fattening south-east Asian cuisine. Frankly it is far more convenient than going to China Town. Plus the traders here are far friendlier than those in Soho. But the past year hasn't been too kind to the community. The owner of the site has sold it to a developer who plans to develop a series of flats, a primary school and a supermarket there (isn't ASDA already enough just next door?).

Personally I am pretty sad by the prospect of the food court possibly closing this May 2008. But the logic in me would argue that there is nothing that can be done. Brent Council has issued a valid planning permission, and the site doesn't even belong to the tenants. *shrugs* Well things happen. I am sure something equivalent to Oriental City will rise in its ashes, though it may take many years to rebuild the community spirit exhibited there.

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