Monday, February 11, 2008

So what is up with Channel 4 and Desperate Housewives?

Based on early rumours (and past practice), the fourth season of Desperate Housewives was supposed to début last month in the UK on Channel 4. Unfortunately we are now in the second week of February and C4 has been keeping mum about its scheduling for the series. There has been unofficial online speculation that the fourth season has been pushed back to March. Some has cited that this is due to E4/C4 controller fearing a mid-season WGA strike-related cock up like what happened to Heroes season two, as well as the possible clashing with Channel 4's retarded flagship programme Big Brother last month and this summer.

Sorry Channel 4, you had your chance. Right now the only thing keeping me from downloading the series is because we want to watch it on a large telly from the comfort of a sofa. But many has already lost patience especially with the continued production of some shit reality TV show. Then again we are talking about Channel 4 here, who seems to favour crap like The O.C. and Smallville over Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under.

Update: A quick google revealed that season four of Desperate Housewives will probably start airing this Spring, by which then we will be 15-17 episodes behind.

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We are posting latest news on Desperate Housewives and all the other American Shows affected by the writers strike at the TV Show web site (