Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eastbourne to Brighton

With winter fast approaching, we hope to be able to finally tackle at least one epic ride (24-36 miles) through the South Downs Way this weekend or the next (ideally suited close to my birthday), depending on the weather. I have three proposed end, all suitably nearby Brighton. It all hinges on how well we do, how fast we can manage, how much time is wasted taking pointless pictures for this blog, how reliable is Southern to Eastbourne, the start of the trail, my lack of map reading skill, and more importantly, whether we can stubbornly crawl out of bed (the reason how last weekend's short ride was due to that!). See, I am already making excuses! Devil's Dyke is pushing it, but I do think Ditchling Beacon is a reasonable target if we make an effort.

Map above by Ordnance Survey, scale: 10km to grid box

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Minny said...

This post brings back memories. Took this trip back in 2003 to find a friend's great-grandfolks' old house.

Took a train of course.

c0y0t3 said...

*shivering with the thought of another bike ride*