Monday, October 16, 2006

MTB Review: Camelbak Classic hydration backpack

I bought a Camelbak Classic from Blacks the other day. I have been thinking about getting a hydration backpack for months but finally decided that with longer and harder bike trails ahead for me, the 750ml bottle won't be enough. It's pretty good actually.

The Classic has a 2 litres water reservoir in an easy to acces compartment.

Just fill the Omega reservoir up and screw the lock shut. Then slip it into the backpack enclosure.

To drink, just bite the valve and sip. Replacement valves are available.

As a bonus the Classic (and most other Camelbak models) comes with reflector details on the back and an external zip pocket. The pocket is large enough to dump an average size mobile phone and other essentials such as keys and puncture kit.

Here is Jennifer modeling for me during the Friston Forest bike trail. I love the low profile design of the Classic. She liked it so much she practically stole it from me for much of the ride.

With 2 litres of water the Classic should be sufficient for 2-3 hours of bike trail. If you are planning on enduro or epic consider getting a 3 litres Camelbak Mule or Mayhem instead. The bag and water reservoir seems sturdy enough and I know of Camelbak backpacks owners who has theirs for 2-3 years and never had a problem with it. A good investment I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a lock to stop water from spilling?

Thanks in advance.

RichardAM said...

Sounds great, but definately not for me- it just mean i'd have to start carrying something else, and i'm already overweighed!

Jon said...

Nope. The valve is sturdy enough that no water escapes by itself. They do sell a valve cover which stops any sort of grim from touching the valve (though personally I didn't find it to be too dirty - at least it is better than drinking from a caged bottle).

Richard, it isn't that heavy. Filled the weight is roughly 2.5kg. Beats carrying my Karimor backpack with extra water bottles in it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Will try out.