Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Laughing out loud

Before I continue I would like to point out that I did not watch the match. I had zero intention of watching a footie game today, especially one that stared England, the most overrated national team in the world - made up by egotistical rich boys. But I like to piss people off. So here goes.

England (football) fans are morons. Well some of them are. Remember all these?

1. Get rid of Sven.
2. Becks has to go.
3. Make Terry captain.
4. 5-3-2
5. English manager!
6. Shrek is our savior!
7. etc.

Today many of these fans has changed their opinions into these:

1. Bring back Sven.
2. Bring back Becks.
3. Terry and Lampard are nothing without Makelele.
4. 4-4-2
5. Scolari! Hiddink! O'Neill! Please...!!!
6. Overated chav.
7. etc.

And the funny thing is, there were actually people who were expecting them to win.

Talking heads praising Scotland's defeat of France are even worse. They remind me a lot about raving England fans (and pundits who just can't shut it).

I was at WHSmith today and noticed that they are still selling special edition DVDs from when Germany lost to England 5-1 five years ago. What the hell is that? You win some, you lose some. But the difference is other team put the defeat behind them, reconstruct, throw out the really crappy, overrated and overpaid players, who earns more in three days than 99% of us earns in a year, and went on to the semi finals of the World Cup. England just like to dream about that one time when they hammered another team. Like that other country I suppose.

Fair result regardless...

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Gallivanter said...

I'm glad England lost, and not surprised. Bunch of overrated players. English fans are not realistic. Popeye and Olive Oil up front? LOL

Joash Chan said...

if they don't win their game against Croatia, people will be asking why Beckham was not brought back to the side...

Alex said...

and they lost 2-0 to croatia... omg own goal somemore!! good thing im not an england fan.. phew

was watching theo walcott's 2 goals against germany in the u-21 eu qualifier. awesome tat boy ... gunners forever!!