Friday, October 27, 2006

Gyakuten Saiban 2 DS / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All review

I finally got hold of the DS remake to goofy lawyer adventure Gyakuten Saiban 2 (forthwith known as GS2 in this review)! And let me tell you, so far I am having a blast! Sweet sweet Maya, it is finally great to have you back! I was so excited I actually considered yelling "Objection" and "Take that" while playing the game on the Tube.

Out of respect to the initial concerns voiced by fans, I can confirm that the translation is great. Okay, I have only been through the first two cases, but so far I have only encountered the rare and frankly pretty minor grammatical mistakes. I have seen more mistakes in dedicated Western releases, so kudos to Capcom Japan for getting it (mostly) right. The same standard of humour found in the first DS remake is repeated here - retailored to suit English speaking cultures.

It is a pity the game, unlike GS1 DS, would not feature a bonus fifth case (although I can't confirm since I am still on case 2). Even then the first two GS2 cases are much longer than their equalvalent cases in the first game - hence my happy mood. Some may find the new soundtrack to be initially disorientating (which I did) but you will soon get the hang of it. It suits the 'darker' themes.

Despite the confirmation by British Courts that importers like us are apparently in cahoots with 'criminals', you really should import this. Hell, since this title is a 'Best Price' budget title (it is a remake of a GBA game after all), you can get this on the cheap. Play-Asia has this for £16. Sixteen bloody quid for a legit new factory sealed game with Japanese/English option - that you can play now, or the £30 jack-up price that our good retailers will attempt to con UK consumers 4-5 months from now? You decide.

Now Capcom, start working on that GS3 translation!


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With this, Contact, Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana and Final Fantasy III, I believe it is finally time to switch off my mobile, pull the telly plug and kiss goodbye my social life for the whole month of November!


Anonymous said...

I am stuck in case 2. It is where the psycho-lock appears on the little girl, Pearly. I've the ball she would not respond when I give it to her! Please help.

Jon said...


Present the Magatama.

Anonymous said...


Very nice and enjoyable post... love it.