Thursday, October 5, 2006

Received Crud Race Guard / Killer's Sam's Town

It is nice when a couple of things drop down your mailbox. Got a couple today. After last week's bike ride when my arse was peppered with much and with autumn approaching, I thought I would order a mudguard for my bike and I did - a Mr. Crud Race Guard from eBay. I will bolt it to my bike in the weekend and take it for a spin down the South Downs.

Also received my copy of The Killer's new LP - Sam's Town. I believe that the indie scene's bubble is about the burst (commercial speaking) with so many similar sounding albums out there. It is centainly very different from Hot Fuss (an album which I am a fan of). Sam's Town is grittier - more rock than the synth rock that was their debut full lenght. I will give a listen for the next couple of days before deciding whether to pen a review. But right now I would give my thumbs up to the new direction that the band is heading.

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RichardAM said...

"hot fuss" was a real album highlight of 2004 for me. I'd heard the new album is (naturally and as you'd expect) a more mature sounding record with loads more confidence.

I've got a huge backlog of CDs this year to get already though, so it'll maybe have to wait until Christmas before I can get a listen. ;)

Anonymous said...

This album sucks. Dont waste your time.

Jon said...

I hate to purchase loads of albums at one go because I wouldn't have the time to listen to any of them. A mistake I made a couple of times (also why I hate going to sales).

But yeah, this album is more mature sounding and the production is great.