Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The most offensive game ever created

While the UK has yet to receive copies of Wario Ware Twisted! for GBA (and some), Nintendo of Europe has seen fit that 'action' game The Holy Bible would get a timely release this November, just in time for the seasonal Christmas shopping.

Hey, if you, as a parent has to decide whether to get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories or The Holy Bible for your kids, you will be in for some tough decision making. Both contains extreme acts of violence but I can honestly say that The Holy Bible beats GTA, in terms of vile materials, hands down. Where is Jack Thompson when you really need him?

I can already imagine the Wii version of the game. Use the WiiMote as a whip. Hear that Ubi? We are waiting!


Honza said...

Who in the world would buy a video game based on Bible? Am I missing something or this is just a really time and money consuming development? Do the creators honestly think they are going to improve morality of the youngsters by making a Bible game? I don't think so, but it's a good idea you made us aware of this curiosity.

Furthermore, Bible as itself is filled with violence - a good point you brought up, so the morality crusade is not really straight forward as it may seem...

Anonymous said...

God help all the children.

I was raised a Roman Catholic and was always told that the Bible is God's word - a divine product that should not be questioned.

Exodus 12:29 was pretty evil.

Anonymous said...

It is merely an e-book, though I could not understand why someone would actually pay for that. A proper game would have gotten me excited.

And here I thought I was going to moon Moses. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Well,the Old Testament is one of the world's oldest smut that was written. Not to mention the violence in it too.

Then in the New Testament, violence abound too, in Revelations

p/s: Jon, tell you who I am later lol.

T-Boy said...

You know, I'd go for a play-through of the Song of Solomon myself. I mean, rawr!

Anonymous said...

A video game based on the bible would surely be a bestseller. Murder, corruption, back-stabbing, stoning, incest, genocide etc. etc. etc. Everything a gamer would ever want without a conservative politician breathing down their necks. Because it is based on the bible, duh!

Puts 'Dead Rising' to shame. \o/

Jon Choo said...

Yep, it appears to be an e-book. But the PEGI rating (Pan European Game Information) suggest otherwise. Maybe we need to sort out the truth from the false. We can only hope.

I really do need to smite some innocent firstborns. Like, right now.

Personally, but this is just me, I couldn't care less if they developed a game based on the bloodiest book ever written by men. Just back off the attack on other lesser violent games okay.