Monday, September 26, 2005

Bloggers meet-up

Patrick and Lady V are organising a meet-up of Malaysian bloggers in London. Supposed to be this Saturday but due to the very short notice the meet-up will be postponed. So any Malaysian bloggers in Britain interested in a meet-up, please contact us and hopefully we can do something soon.

Speaking of blogger meet-ups, Jen and I met up with a couple of London bloggers yerterday at Annie Mole's home. What was supposed to be a birthday party ended up as an informal blog meeting in the geek room (food room).


Clockwise from left: Geoff, Ann, Helene and Jenni.

Sorry about the lack of clarity. Low light and suppressed flash made it difficult to capture any details. I am still learning digital photography and so far it has been a blast. While the original image was unusuable, a quick brightness/contrast editing improved the legibility of the pictures.

Also a shout back to Liz. And Chz.

Oh, and this is Jen's new compact:

What a beauty this F455 is. No manual modes. No aperture priority. No shutter speed control. Just a simple point-and-shoot compact. But will you look at that brush metal case! It is black!


Nicholas Chay said...

I'm a Malaysian studying in Stafford.
Contact me :)

Jon Choo said...

Nice nice...! Just sent you an e-mail.

Unknown said...

Hi guys

Thanks for coming on Sunday - hope the "geek room" wasn't too geeky for you!

Rakyat said...

malaysia bloggers meet in london?
that should be nice. take some pics with that digicam of yours. :-)

living-in-the-uk said...

mail me :P junkyardx @ gmail . com
i got nothing to do during the weekends anywyas. :P

Vish said...

I'm supposed to organise it?

wokayyyyy... shall update it on my blog then, Jon, err... help organise it as well, can?

Jon Choo said...

Annie, we learnt loads. Plus we are geeks too. Again, nice house!

Mark, not mine - Jenni's!

LitUK, Lady V - check e-mail.

Howsy said...
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Howsy said...

Hi Jon-not going back to the UK till 10th October. I could only make it on the 15th or 22nd weekend. Sorry bout that.

Jon Choo said...

No problem. We will be doing it on 22 October.

Howsy said... be the good food and weather I'm enjoying back here that I mistyped something. I am only available on the 15th and 29th weekend. The 22nd weekend I would be in Germany. Sorry for the confusion mate...and nice effort to arrange for a gathering in UK btw...and why in London? There are more interesting places in the UK, like the Knightsbridge of the North, if you know what I mean...

Jon Choo said...

Well the plan was first mooted by Patrick and Lady V as Lady V was coming down to London this weekend.