Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Yahoo! mail upgrades

Yahoo! is to upgrade its mail service with a new key anti-spam component called DomainKeys. It is an authentication technology similar to Sender Policy Framework (SPF) which suppose to twarf spoofing.

Yahoo! is also increasing the amount of free e-mail storage for its users from 100Mb to 250Mb. This is great news for me as I am already using 70% of my 100Mb space. The maximum e-mail attachment size will also increase from 10Mb to 20Mb. Some might say that 250Mb is small compared to the 1Gb offered by Google's quite overrated Gmail service.

However I am still waiting for the time when Yahoo! finally decides to offer IMAP synchronization service. Also patiently waiting for technology acquired from Oddpost to be implemented into Yahoo! Mail.

On other related news, Hotmail was supposed to have upgraded their e-mail storage to 250Mb 'this fall'. However my inbox still reads a pathetic 2Mb. Come on Microsoft, I need those space for all my spam!

Source: PCWorld

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