Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Is JFK's life more important that thousands of others?

There is a new game out called JFK Reloaded. For just US$9.99, you can play as Lee Harvey Oswald and assassinate US President John F. Kennedy.

In the US, reaction has so far been of outrage regarding the content of the game. Personally I do not buy the Warren Commission's argument that Lee Harvey killed JFK but putting that aside - I still do not see the reason why many Americans are angry at the publisher for selling an 'immoral' game.

Lets see. Command & Conquers: Generals? Players gets to control US forces killing middle eastern people. The many various games based on real wars such as World War II, Vietnam War and thousands of years ago wars. All features the killing of innocent people. Vietnamese are treated as baddies in Vietnam war games and all must die. What about films such as the grossly misleading Black Hawk Dawn?

And what about the real life situation of Iraq and Guantanamo Bay? Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi children, men and women has been murdered by so called smart bombs. I don't see anyone complaining about that!

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