Monday, November 15, 2004

Film Review: Bad Santa

After the disaster that was Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, we decided we wanted to watch a real comedy. This was the next day which let us recovered from the memories of bad acting.

Bad Santa which was released last year in America finally receive a nationwide release in the UK. It stars Billy Bob Thornton which means it has to be good.

The film revolves around a plot to break into a safe of a shopping department. Willie (Billy Bob) is the Santa and his little helper is Marcus (Tony Cox). Every year they do this. Earning the trust of the mall's proprietor's and then on Christmas eve cleaning them out.

While Billy Bob was very good as Bad Santa, the real star of the film is Brett Kelly as the fat kid. The jokes while very 'American' is very simple to understand and you will be laughing your socks off. They are nice one-liners throughout the film that is outrageous.

This is truly a one-off this year. I can't imagine another film like this out in the next few months able to create a smile of satisfaction on my face. Damn fuckin' recommended.


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