Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Film Review: Super Size Me

The local cinema finally got down and released Super Size Me last weekend. Finally after months of waiting I got to see what the hyped was.

The film was well wait I would say. There are times that I felt that there were some acting going on - but hei, I never had a super size meal deal in front of me so I wouldn't know how to act sick. I think its only available in America. The last time I was in McDonalds (on a Sunday two years ago in there was an American family there who ordered the largest meal that was available. I overheard them complaining it was not enough. Weird!

Well the docu-film has finally put me off processed food. I have not been to McDonald's for years but occasionally I do visit other fast food eateries such as Subway, Burger King and the many KFC clones (including KFC of course) out there. Imagine a McSalad actually containing more calories than some of their burgers. And sugar too!

McDonalds UK has been on an attacking front delivering spam, sorry, leaflets to homes encouraging people to eat at one of their outlets! The as ever annoying 'I'm Luvin' It' advertisments seems to be doubling. High carb bagels, processed salads, sugary vogurts etc. All these are unhealthy too.

Back to the film - go see it while you still have the chance. Purchase more organic products. And boycott all these fast food outlets. If you have to eat out - choose a real restaurant that actually cooks.


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