Wednesday, November 17, 2004

UK Broadband increase in speed

While the UK remains the laughing stock of Europe and the World at large in offering broadband services, countries like Japan has been offering speeds up to 50Mbps.

UK Online, a UK based ISP, has just recently released a 8Mbps broadband service and will be using BT's exchanges. For your £39.99 a month plus the initial £50 connection fee users are also able to have upload speeds up to 400Kbps.

While still shy of the current Japan average of 12-25Mbps this is still good news. The monthly price is high, which UK Online should be able to enjoy until competitors like Wannadoo get their act together. The connection fee is a huge dent though.

Why is there even a need for an engineer to come over to do something magically with your phone socket? In Japan, Yahoo BB army of street chuggers would sign you up, hand you an ADSL modem in a bag which you can then set it up yourself with the supplied software.

UK Online

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