Saturday, November 13, 2004

Film Review: The Grudge

This American remake of a Japanese remake by the same director follows an American exchange student (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Tokyo, Japan. She agrees on a temporary care for an elderly foreign woman who is staying in a haunted house.

There she meets this young boy and saw a ghost taking the life of the old lady. What goes on for the next one hour is the people who has entered the house being haunted. Some of the narratives was done through backward editing (ala Pulp Fiction). The film while eerie at first has no substance and the creepiness that are in many Japanese horror is oddly missing here.

The acting was sub par with Bill Pullman being the most interesting character on the remake. The young kid was also good but all he does is open his jaw wide.

My take on this is wait for the DVD release and watch it with your friends. They will be scared shitless - and you can enjoy the sights of them pissing their pants. Why? Because I trust you to know that this film is not at all scary.

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