Friday, July 30, 2004

What is this man...

I had nothing to do so I switched on Astro and what do you know - The Mummy was showing on TV3. Hmm...I guess since there is nothing else on except some cheesy chinese soap on WLT, I would just watch it for the tenth time. Man - how many scenes were cut out!? The scene where Rachel created the mess in the library, the boat fight scene was cut - hell even the scene where they bought the camels. After the camel race scene was cut I decided to just switch it off. Why did TV3 paid money for to buy the rights of a crippled movie - unless they are getting it cheap. I did see some improvements in the way they chopped of scenes though. The movie still flowed as smoothly except that its much faster now. I think I will bring home the original DVD for me parents to watch.

There is nothing on TV except repeats of Sex and the City (HBO) which I have already watched the final season (forced to by someone) in the UK. Want to know what happened? Like I care or remembered. I wish we have BBC World but I doubt they would bother showing The Office repeats or one of those current BBC comedy like Two Pints Of Lager, Dead Ringer or Coupling.

Bring David Brent to mainstream Malaysian TV!

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