Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Hi, I am on the plane!

Travellers could soon be allowed to use mobile phones on planes. This article from the BBC highlights the differences in policy between diffirent airlines regarding mobile phones and other gadget usage and the dangers of such activity.
If mobile phones are banned on planes, what's this man playing at? And why do some airlines prohibit Gameboys, but others don't? As the great summer get-away begins, travellers are no doubt confused. But change could be on the way.
I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this. Sometimes I am just bored on one of my 13 hour flight and wish I could just chat with someone. I do however understand why there are concerns - imagine trying to get a sleep when your neighbour gets a call from a friend asking them "Where are you?" or "When will you arrive?". I am glad that I have a HP iPAQ h4150 PDA (with an extra large battery) so I can read e-books, watch a movie, listening to Deepest Blue as well as playing Soccer Addict. I just wish Malaysia Airlines would quickly roll-out WiFi on planes so I can use Skype to text chat with someone.

BBC News

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