Thursday, July 29, 2004

Storm over iPod 'hacker tactics'

Apple has reacted angrily over RealNetwork's claim that it has found a way for music bought over its stores to be played on iPods and has accused Real's of adopting the tactics and ethics of a hacker.

Hmm... I don't know what you make of this - but it sounds like just another normal Apple rant. Remember this was the company that claimed to have the
World's fastest computer which was later rebutted. They are not exactly ethical either.

Whatever it is Apple has the World's most popular digital music player. And they are forcing users who own the iPod to shop on iTunes - a product of their own. Sounds familiar - well because this is the kind of practice that is made famous by Microsoft. Microsoft got a slap on the wrist for forcing Internet Explorer (and now Windows Media Player) on Windows users (which they have a monopoly on the OS market) and now Apple is essentially doing the same thing! Tut tut!

Apple's new iPod remains as uninteresting as ever. Why bother with an iPod - just get the excellent 
Rio Karma 20 or i-River's H140 (which supports mp3, WMA & OggVorbis) for less money and buy yourself a white coloured Sony MDR-EX71SL fontopia which you can use. iPodders would ask you where you get your latest Mac headphone - you can show them your shiny better digital music player. That is what I did!

And get the CD! Why bother paying for a compressed 128kbps mp3 (ancient format) file when you can physically own the CD, own the artwork as well as being able to rip the tracks of to virtually any digital music file format?

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