Thursday, July 29, 2004

Jackito fingertouch PDA

Well, this seems to be the first purposed built PDA with fingertips (instead of stylus) in mind. It comes with a variety of options and add-ons and customers can customised the PDA design and features. The only problem it seems is that it comes with its own operating system. This is not unusual as non of the major PDA OS'es out there - PalmOS, Symbian OS and Windows CE were designed for large thumb input. Third party softwares would be scarce due to that fact and would be the dealbreaker in many PDA consumer's mind.

Apart from that, the design looks very well built and though it is not cheap - this PDA would be useful in the vertical market where the user would favour ease of use rather than the complexity that all the other major players bring. For one thing, the lack of stylus would be useful as people are prone to losing them.

Here are some specs:

  • 1 Mitsubishi CPU (M30803)
  • 1 Texas Instruments CPU (MSP 430)
  • Sparten FPGA w/ 5 Automata
  • Reversible wired Logic
  • Direct hardware execution
  • Multi processing mode
  • up to 128Mb RAM, 64Mb NAND Flash ROM
  • 4.5" LCD display, 240x320 resolution, landscape & portrait supported
  • Choice of three different LCDs: Black & White, Colour and Bistable (white paper - sounds like eInk to me)
  • 150g
  • 138x78x16mm
  • Power jack, stereo jack, RS232 serial connector, SPI, 2 SD/MMC card slots, 2 internal bus
  • Requires one AA battery
  • Battery life ranges from 10 hours to  months depending on screen model
  • Choice of colour

Source: PDABuyersGuide

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