Friday, July 30, 2004

Are Real and Apple playing fair?

This is an interesting blog on the BBC News Technology site by Bill Thompson concerning Real's attempt to 'hack' iTunes's DRM.

An interesting read I have to admit. Even his previous
blog entry on the iPod is recommended although ironic. It is very clear that Bill is not happy with mp3 being the so called future of digital music format. And I agree with him since mp3 has existed since 1988. I even remember back in 1998 when I was downloading all the new Metallica mp3 crap from Napster (you all remember that event didn't you?). That was six years ago. Since then Windows Media Audio has improved (current version 9), OggVorbis emerged, mp3pro and AAC is put forward as the replacement for mp3. Suddenly the iPod became a hit and its all about mp3 and no longer about the future.

Back to Bill's blog. His final shot was spot on! Ditch Real's crappo of a software (spyware infested) as well as dumping away the iPod! Get a real digital music player.

BBC News

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