Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Music Review: Deepest Blue - Late September

I bought this at Woolworths June this year. It was an impulse purchase. I liked a track I heard on the radio and was planning to return it as I was not really expecting anything good. I mean they were frequently shown on TV pop productions.

Fool I was. Late September is a masterpiece. The music are very deep (think Savage Garden) complete with some dance beats, chillout hints and superb singing. The album is very laid back and never once gave a bad track. Some of the tracks are memorably haunting.

Overall a superb effort. This is one of the few albums I would recommend you to part you hard earned money with.

1. Be Still My Heart
2. Can’t Believe
3. Is It A Sin
4. Give It Away
5. Turn Out Right
6. Shooting Star
7. Late September
8. Deepest Blue
9. Say Goodbye
10. Spread A Little Love

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