Friday, December 21, 2007

2007: Video Games "The List"

  1. Final Fantasy XII (review)
  2. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (review)
  3. Okami (review)
  4. God of War II
  5. Super Mario Galaxy (review)
  6. Half-Life 2: Portal
  7. Sam & Max: season one
  8. Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 (impressions)
  9. God Hand (review)
  10. The Witcher
  11. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (review)
  12. Final Fantasy XII: The Revenant Wings (review)
  13. Gyakuten Saiban 3 (review)
  14. Geometry Wars: Galaxies (review)
  15. Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2
  16. Final Fantasy VI Advance (review)
  17. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (review)
  18. Rogue Galaxy (review)
  19. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (review)
  20. Grim Grimoire (review)
  21. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner (review)
  22. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
PlayStation 2: Final Fantasy XII
PSP: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (review)
Nintendo Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
Nintendo DS: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
GameCube: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (released in 2006, but played in 07)
GBA: Final Fantasy VI Advance
PC: Half-Life 2: The Orange Box

Action: God of War II
FPS: Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
Adventure: Gyakuten Saiban 3
JRPG: Final Fantasy XII
Old School RPG: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Western RPG: The Witcher
Tactical RPG: Luminous Arc
RTS: Supreme Commander
Multiplayer: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Rhythm: Osu Tatakae Ouendan 2
Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy
Party: SingStar series
Sports: Wii Sports

Still don't get it: Guitar Hero series
Disappointing game of the year: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Worse game of the year: Diddy Kong Racing
Disappointment of the year: Nintendo Wii

Best game we keep rebuying: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Best game no one played: Okami
Best game no one played part two: God Hand
Most addictive game of the year: Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Best game I haven't played (yet): Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Best ad: 'The Entertainment' for Sony
Best console control scheme: Resident Evil: Wii edition
Worst ad(s): Nintendo's celebrity (i.e. none-gamers) endorsements particularly Ian Wright and Fern & Philip

Heartbreak: Capcom axing Clover Studios
Meltdown: Gamespot/Eidos

Villain of the year: Millions of space aliens
Hero of the year: Phoenix Wright from Gyakuten Saiban

Graphics: Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Visual style: Everyday Shooter
Architecture style: Final Fantasy XII
Character art design: Kazuma Kaneko for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs the Soulless
Music: Hitoshi Sakimoto for Final Fantasy XII

More GOTY lists around the web (to be updated daily here until I grow bored):

Richard gives Crackdown and Super Mario Galaxy the thumbs up as well as giving conclusive evidence that the media's adoration for Halo 3 was half-baked.

Associated Press just created some enemies within the Nintendo fanboy community by awarding Ratchet & Clank Future a higher spot to Super Mario Galaxy. Which although I never played I see can where they are getting at. The R&C series always had that one thing that Mario lacked - riot fun. The fact that they even awarded a niche Shin Megami Tensei game into the top 10 gives meant that AP just gained massive kudos point from me when compared to specialised gaming press. And they didn't buy into the hype that was Halo 3. :)

The Guardian Gamesblog awards Warhawk the title of PS3 GOTY, which to be honest sounds about fine. I have witness the multiplayer awesomeness that it does bring to the living room, especially one equipped with a 37" LCD, so I have qualms about it. On the other hand they believe that GTA IV is the most promising game of 2008...

The New York Times gives Super Mario Galaxy a shaft and Ninty fanboys everywhere flips. To be fair the NYT's reasoning is quite reasonable. SMG without the gloss and waggle, is the same game we played ten years ago, like most Nintendo games. There are improvements no doubt, to graphics and gameplay but sometimes people just want something different.

GameSpy believes that God of War II deserves the title of GOTY for the PS2 and so does their readers. Honestly, if you remove all the 2006 late PAL arrivals you will also notice that God of War II would have been top of my GOTY list too. Their overall GOTY will be announced later.

There is no official Slashdot GOTY list but names like Portal (Half-Life 2: Orange Box), Super Mario Galaxy and Mass Effect gets the nod by some of the contributors.

Pocket Gamer lists Lifesigns as one of the worst DS games this year. While I won't argue that it is a magnificent game, the fact that they claimed that it is a rip-off of Trauma Center immediately invalidates the list. Shoddy journalism.

Eurogamer's official top 50 list is available now. Their top 10 list is very predictable. Phantom Hourglass at five. LMAO. Good decision not giving Mario Galaxy and Halo 3 top spot though.


RichardAM said...

I forgot entirely about Okami! But that's the thing, it's been a superb year right across all formats that it's been difficult getting a chance to play everything. How I pity those with all three next-gen boxes!

Jon Choo said...

True. And I still have a buckload of backlog PS2 games to complete. >_<

Anonymous said...

You have Final Fantasy XII as best music? The music is nice, but Super Mario Galaxy's music is AMAZING IMO. Final Fantasy XII's music pails in comparison to Mario Galaxy's IMO.

I'm sorry if this offends you....

Jon Choo said...

No offence taken. :)

I like FF XII music more. Reminds me of Vagrant Story (d'uh, same composers)...

I can't remember how the OST was in SMG... might need to replay it later.