Thursday, December 13, 2007

Six fictional female RPG characters

So here is another blog filler for December! Why six? I honestly have no clue. Probably just got too lazy to continue typing after six and I had to make time to write my review for Devil Summoner as well as other useless December fillers. But any who here is my personal list of the top six fictional female characters in role playing video games.

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
Appearances: Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Until her boy husband gets himself killed in battle, Ashe was the princess of Dalmasca. Thought dead she founded an underground resistance group aimed at liberating her nation from the Archadian empire. At first seeking revenge, she ultimately rejected vengeance and the lure of power of the Nethicite and instead aligned herself with Larsa, the younger brother of the leader of the Archadian empire to seek peace between the warring nations of Ivalice. Personally I find Ashe, not only the most beautiful of all fictional female characters, but also the most powerful. Why else did I make her the party leader of my all-female main party? She wields a powerful sword, is agile, a good healer and her stats are well rounded. Basically a good all rounder and makes for a good tank mage hybrid. The fact that she has the miniest of all mini skirts makes her even more adorable, but beyond that never once did the developers attempted to sexualised her. All hail Queen Ashe.

Appearances: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Etna is a super skinny flat chested 1400 year old cute demon class female. She becomes immediately likeable after the first scene where we are treated with her gross method of waking up the slumbering prince of darkness, Laharl. Untrustworthy, Etna is a devious vassal who reveres the late king and her schemes brings much humour to the game. In one of the endings she murders Laharl and snatch the seat to become the new overlord or the Netherworld. Because there are various endings this may not be true for some, but I like to think of this as canonical. The beauty queen also leads the Prinny squad, an army of penguins with bat like wings, whose jobs includes being used as suicide bombers and slaves. A bonus mode based on what if Etna killed Laharl instead of waking him scenario is present in the PSP port of Disgaea, so make sure you buy Afternoon of Darkness.

Hrist Valkyrie
Appearances: Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

One of the three Valkyries chooser of the slain, Hrist is the elder sister of Lenneth and Silmeria. She isn't a playable character in both games, but she is ruthless and therefore memorable. Her hatred for humans is matched by her demented actions. Loyal to Odin, part of her deeds includes destroying Dipan at Midgard after the events of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and before Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Her schemes in trapping the fugitive Silmeria is downright cunning. Hrist also happens to appear in both games as a boss, and while not the strongest her appearances are both important to the mythology and storyline. It would be interesting if tri-Ace and Square Enix would eventually develop a third Valkyrie Profile game which allows us to play as the most mysterious of the goddess of fate.

Jessica Albert
Appearances: Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King
She may not be the best female character from the Dragon Quest series, but Jessica certainly is the most memorable. Part of this is no doubt due to the 3D nature of the game which allows more creative freedom for character development. While short tempered and have a lot of deal with after the death of her brother, Jessica proves very valuable to core gameplay and plot of Dragon Quest VIII, especially when she was briefly possessed. She is primarily a sorcerer although her whip does come in handy. Players can also change the clothings which includes 'Bunny's Costume' and 'Dangerous Bustier'. Her charm attack such as 'Puff Puff' and 'Hip Drop' also works well in lightening the mood as well as proving that the 360 is not the only console that can uhm, render jiggles.

Appearances: Final Fantasy IV
As a child Rydia was made an orphaned when Kain and Cecil of Baron gallivanted around and destroyed her village Mist and killed her mother (indirectly). Even at such a young age she has already shown potential by summoning Titan in anger, causing an earthquake that separates Cecil and Kain. She eventually agrees to join a repented Cecil to fight Baron. For a child she has the maturity of an adult as seen in her conversation with a wimpy Gilbert, the spoony bard. However it wasn't long until she was separated from the party when the group was attacked by Leviathan. Fortunately for her she was taken in to the land of summons where due to the different in time flow she aged differently, eventually re-emerging as a healthy, happy and hot adult Rydia. Though she lost her abilities to conjure white magic she has learnt to become the greatest summoner in Final Fantasy lore. The new render of her for Final Fantasy IV DS is hawt!

Princess Nadia
Appearances: Chrono Trigger
Marle is a tomboy princess of the Kingdom of Guardia, whose bored life was the catalyst for the event surrounding Chrono Trigger when she uses Lucca's teleporting machine and accidentally herself back in time to 600 A.D., creating a ripple in the space time continuum. Marle is pretty independent and strong for a princess as proven by her weapon of choice: the crossbow (yeah!). In one of the many alternate ending she eventually marries Chrono, the hero and main protagonist of the game. I like her because her character reminds me so much of Bulma (Dragon Ball), whose penchant for adventure is similar to that of Marle's. Obviously Marle is far more independent than the technology reliant and whiny Bulma.

So which female (or male) RPG characters rock your boat? Please no Tifa or Aerith.


RichardAM said...

Despite having it months i'm still not fully into FFXII- plans for next year however I assure you. But I thought altogether she was rather too similar to Yuna, especially in regards to the story and being the "last great hope" etc.

Jessica's inclusion on this list though is almost compulsory, but I think the voice-acting does a lot to flesh the character out, as with, indeed, the rest of the DQ characters. There's no denying her visual appeal either.

anthraxxxx said...

What about Terra Branford? hehe

Jon Choo said...

Terra is cool, but I didn't want to put too many FF characters here. Besides I like Rydia more and she was important to the gameplay. For the second half of FF VI I never use Terra for anything other than the final mission.

Besides Rydia will just summon Terra's fellow Espers and pwn her:



FF X-2 ruined Yuna for me. Her outfit was equally as revealing as Ashe's, but for some reason look very slutty. It is probably the rebounding effect from Rikku.

I agree that voice acting does allow the DQ8 characters to shine.

Anonymous said...

What about Jessica, Captain Gordon's super-hot sidekick? Not only because she's a genius, but also because she's witty

Anonymous said...

Hrist IS playable in Valkyrie Profile 2.

Jon Choo said...

I meant as a main playable character like Silmeria and Lenneth were.