Sunday, December 2, 2007

Best of 2007: TV

It is December, so expect to see many 'Top 10' 'Best of' 'Worst of' and other useless blog fillers popping up here. First up: the best of 2007 television on offer (to me).

Ever since Firefly got cancelled, quality science fiction fans have very little to look forward to. Then came along the reboot of Battlestar Galactica and it changes how we perceive Sci-fi. Simply put it, its intelligent, engaging and character driven storyline, the third season of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is not only the best Sci-fi drama - it is the best current television series period. I only pity the people who are missing this due to the negative genre stereotyping often associated with Sci-fi dramas.

After Dexter's battle with the Ice Truck Killer from season one, the truth of his inner demon gets closer to the surface - literally! Season two of Dexter isn't nearly as good as season one (review), but Dexter's subsequent creation of the Dark Defender and Doakes' uncovering our killer's night-time hobby means more quality airtime for our favourite anti-hero. Michael C. Hall as always continues to impress as one of the best TV actors in recent history.

There is no denying that season/volume one of Heroes was a great, if not a rather long TV spectacle. Heroes proved that the super hero genre does not need larger than life characters in colourful tights and red underpants to work well. It had all the ingredients for good TV: great writing, plots and characters that the audience can relate to. Even if you aren't into super hero genre, season one still deserves your attention. Too bad volume two is a bit of a whitewash.

Showtime's Weeds has got to be the most underrated American TV import this side of the Atlantic. It follows a mother who, after her husband dies, tries to maintain her middle class status by selling coke to her affluent law-abiding neighbours. Hilariously dark and highly recommended. This and Dexter are living proof that you do not need HBO to enjoy quality drama.

Life on Mars season two

Family Guy season five (six on DVD)

Even for a person like me who doesn't give a toss about cars, Top Gear is just wildly entertaining and season ten does not disappoint.

Episode of the year:
Dexter "Morning Comes"

Actor of the year:
Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan, Dexter)

Actress of the year:
Marcia Cross (Bree Hodge, Desperate Housewives)

Supporting actor of the year:
Christian Camargo (Rudy Cooper, Dexter)

Supporting actress of the year:
Natascha McElhone (Karen van der Beek, Californication)

Villain of the year:
"Ice truck killer" (Dexter season one)

Hero of the year:
Hiro Nakamura (Heroes season one)

Character of the year:
Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Funny clip of the year:
George Takei responds

Advertisement of the year:
Sony Bravia "PlayDoh"

Cliffhanger of the year:
Heroes "How to Stop an Exploding Man"


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ - Dexter s2 so far has been sensational!

Jon Choo said...

I didn't say otherwise. :)

Anonymous said...

If I didn't know these were TV shows, I'd swear these were all photos of stoned gangsters