Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Epic Final Fantasy IV remake trailer

While mainly made of cutscenes, the new trailer for Final Fantasy IV remake does contain gameplay footages with fantastic summoning animations. It just looks gorgeous and the visual is already looking a hundred times better than Final Fantasy III remake (same developer). It also includes a partial scene of Palom and Porom decision to do something dramatic, but nothing spoilerific here (go buy the game when it comes out to find out).

The character design of Cecil (in both Paladin and Dark Knight form), Kain, Rosa, Edge and Rydia just look terrific. The super deform characters is once again designed by Yoshitaka Amano which explains the difference from the Akihiko Yoshida's Final Fantasy III character redesign. Which isn't a problem since the style suits the more serious tone of the game.

Music is Theme of Love sung by Ida Megumi and written and rearranged by veteran Final Fantasy composer Nobou Uematsu. The remake is due out in Japan in two weeks.

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EvilRedEye said...

I've always wanted to see an FMV of the Lunar Whale rising from the sea.

This is looking great. I hope this manages to be a definitive version of the game, as the slowdown, etc. of the GBA version deprives it of that status for me, despite the bonus material.

Sadly, it's probable that the English dub of the dialogue will be awful. Oh well, we can hope.

Can't wait though, FFIV is my favourite Final Fantasy and it'll be great to experience it in 3D.

Jon Choo said...

The Advance version does have its share of problems, but at least it is accessible to anyone without a hack SNES.

The Lunar Whale is fantastic, but I wonder if they are going to keep it as a CGI scene or use an in-game engine to depict it. Either way I agree that it will be a great experience in 3D.

EvilRedEye said...

The SNES Final Fantasy games were all rereleased on the PSone in Europe, although those versions did go out of print after a while. FFVI was released separately and IV and V were released together. Gamestation seem to charge the earth for second-hand copies of them though.

Jon Choo said...

Too much load time annoyed me regarding the PS1 version which was why I didn't get it. I remember coming away disappointed with the port of Final Fantasy Origins so I sold it but not without first keeping the amazing art cards by Yoshitaka Amano! :D

EvilRedEye said...

Ah, Origins. Yeah, the best part about that was the art cards and the pretty FMV. Did you ever play the GBA version (Dawn of Souls, was it?)? If so, what did you think?

Jon Choo said...

I did and it made me realise how badly the game has aged. The port itself is pretty okay. It just need a Final Fantasy III style make over (and then some) for me to consider ever playing I&II again, and even then for nostalgia sake.

EvilRedEye said...

The soundtrack for the DS version's been announced. 2CDs and with two loops of each track, unlike the original CD which barely had the one in some cases. Plus a DVD with the opening movie. I'm excited.

anthraxxxx said...

i remember it was named as FF2 in the English version during its SNES days, followed by FF3 for FF6. I like your blog by the way :)

Jon Choo said...

I didn't know Japanese DVDs are Region 2. >_<


Yeah, I hated the name change. The effect is still felt today with many still insisting on using the US name. Makes discussions very confusing.


Bug said...
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