Thursday, December 13, 2007

No More Heroes

No More Heroes is my most anticipated, nay, my only anticipated Wii game for 2008. News that Europe/PAL region will be receiving a so-called "censored" version doesn't really bother me much, unlike the many prepubescent 12-year old gamers whose knee jerk reactions embarrass me. It is already a heavily stylized game anyway, so who is going to be bothered about some red blood or some headless corpse? Certainly not me. I don't need morbid curiosity to stir me up to actually play a game, watch a film or read a book. As long as it plays better than the turd that was Manhunt, then stop whining and play the damn game. People who rejects this game purely because it does not feature decapitation or blood are demented and needs professional help.

Here is a wallpaper (via GAF) for you to enjoy. Do it Travis style.

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