Saturday, December 30, 2006

Depressing weather

Damn, just when you thought that the temperate has improved in your favour (8-10C) the bloody wind picks up again and soon enough the rain arrives. Did about 12 miles of cycling on the road today before heading back due to the rain. Dreadful and depressing times ahead. On the other hand I found the HummVee shorts great. The Teflon treated nylon material kept most of my skin dry. It isn't completely water resistant but still dries quick. And although thin and light the shorts works well in keeping my knees warm. I guess those guys up north in Scotland knows what they are doing when they designed it.

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Anonymous said...

I can sympathise. We were up on the South Downs Way cycling between Amberley and Chantry Hill the day before and the wind was so strong that the rain was horizontal. It felt like someone firing nails into the side of your face with a nail gun! Add to that the wind chill factor and it was pretty cold - Even 2 hours in the pub failed to warm me up.

Hopefully we'll get some calm, dry days soon, as it's only the wind and rain that are so difficult when biking :)