Saturday, December 9, 2006

Christmas controversy

India nuclear export okay according to US.

Bloody fucking hypocrite!


Ooo... about 15 days to Christmas and we already have a Christian vs Seculars, Muslims Vs Christians, believers Vs non-believers etc. war of words going on through the mass media. With nothing like Jerry Springer: The Opera planned on the BBC, I thought we would have a boring December. But no... Let me say this, this Christmas will be a lively one.

First up, Muslim Association of Britain has decided that after the way the right wing media managed to kill of any possible release of Rule of Rose video game, they thought that they could do the same - this time on a crap game based on crap Christian books, titled Left Behind: Eternal Forces. In this RTS title you command a Christian army, out and about killing non-believers (apparently modeled after the UN). Wow. The Times reported (wrongly) that the game could be heading for the best seller chart (didn't they know how un-Christian Britain is?). They also failed to mention that progressive Christians in the US has already condemned the game. Even seculars are joining in, but fortunately stop short of calling a ban, instead respecting our rights to make decisions on our own.

Next up, Channel 4 has decided to drum up some kind of controversy, by inviting a veiled Muslim lady to deliver the 'alternative Christmas message' - which is kind of stupid, even by C4's standard. But it brings in the kind of irrelevant religious debate that we are hoping for. First strike by Christian Voice UK's Stephen Green: "The niqab is a veil of separation between Muslims and the indigenous Christian community. This will expose multi-culturalism for what it is – a bias against the indigenous Christian population". But nobody takes him seriously so nobody bothered to reply.

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Anonymous said...

Well, firstly it's the media.... todays news, tomorrows chip paper! Anyone with any sense just ignores it.

And why not have a Muslim lady giving a Christmas message? She, like plenty of other Muslims live in the UK and it is their home as much as anyones. No doubt Channel 4 are hoping for some media coverage due to the recent news stories about veils, but it's actually a move that I think is good. Most people are happy to live in a multicultural society and the mainstream media should reflect this.

Whatever religion a person is in the UK, or whether they are religious or not, everyone is affected by Christmas as it is a public holiday. It can either be celebrated as a Christian festival or just as a few days off to eat, drink and rest during what is otherwise the dullest part of the year, being cold and dark. It is part of the UK's tradition/culture and this should be respected. The whole reason that questions and opinions are openly publicised is because we are fortunate to live in a country where we have freedom of speech. However, this also extends, no matter what a persons opinion, race or religion is, to respecting other people and their beliefs.