Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two days after Christmas...

Something utterly disturbing I found while browsing teh Interweb.


via MediaWatchWatch

For a CoE country, Britain does have a lax attitude when it comes to religion. According to a Guardian/ICM poll, 82% of people in Britain believes that religion does more harm than good, which is pretty true. Apparently non-believers outnumbers believers by two to one, although I find that questionable as the same poll also concludes that half of those considers themselves Christians. I know it doesn't make much sense, but many people I know affiliate themselves to the CoE, but doesn't actually believe in a being commonly known as god.

Oh well, anyway the sale has already begun. I sneaked into town to check out some of the bargain bins. Nothing has so far impressed me. GAME has Yakuza for £10 and HMV has Bully for £18. CEX still has the unsold Wii for £350. Who the bloody hell would drop £350 after Christmas, for an open boxed Wii that has been exposed to the sunlight???

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