Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 10 female video game characters of all time

Chun-Li (Street Fighter series)

Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest VIII)

Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever series)

Samus Aran (Metroid series)

Elexis Sinclaire (SiN)

Kasumi (Dead or Alive series)

Jill Valentine (Resident Evil series)

Sniper Wolf (Metal Gear Solid)

Claire Redfield (Resident Evil series)

Isabella Valentine (Soul Calibur series)


Anonymous said...

No Lara Croft?

KY said...

yah, how come no Lara Croft?

BawangMerah said...

Heheh, Kate Archer. Now that was one good game. I'd also suggest Lady Aribeth of Neverwinter Nights. Though you don't actually get to play her.

Jon said...

Lara Croft? Meh... She is fine, but doesn't top the rest, IMO.

Never played NWN, but I will probably get NWN2 one of these days.

RichardAM said...

Put a bit of a spin on things-

Oh, and nice profile piccy too. I played a Wii at the weekend and it's absolutely irresistible!

Jon said...

Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

I think Lara Croft ranking is outta this world to compare with other female characters that's why she is not in the ranking. And everyone know Lara got attitude, the looks, the sexyness, the dare deveil, etc.