Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tabloid victory over Rule of Rose

Just had the misfortune to watch a couple of minutes of the gross Madonna Confessions Tour on Channel 4. Ugh. Didn't even bother to wait for the hypocritical religious critique.

Am getting my arse pwned in Final Fantasy III by entering the Forbidden Land Eureka before I was ready. It is a great place to level up and earn some gils though.

Sticking with gaming, thanks to several right wing tabloids, a Japanese game titled Rule of Rose has been shelved for any UK release. Although not banned by the government (it received a PEGI rating of '16' after all), publisher 505 Games (the same publisher of that bible 'game') has decided to pander to media pressure and canned the UK release, which means until some other brave publisher picks it up, the UK gamers has to import to play it.

Reviews of the game has been mixed but when I showed the clips to Jenni a couple of weeks ago, we found that we were interested in a game that allows us to play as an underage British school girl, hacking away at her peers. The game must be good then, and the macabre style reminds me a lot of American McGee's Alice - a game that I enjoyed.

For some time we gamers this side of the Atlantic, has been pretty lucky to be spared the moralistic crusade by politicians attempting to blame violence on video games, much like what has been happening in the US for a number of years. I think the BBFC and PEGI has been doing an outstanding job in rating games effectivel. Obviously some EU twit down in Brussels thought otherwise, calling for changes in the way PEGI issues rating, evoking a sense of deja-vu to those who follows the US gaming scene, where Hillary Clinton et al. is attempting to pursue changes to the ESRB rating system.

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Anonymous said...

Two Italian politicians complained and the game gets canned here...

RichardAM said...

It was reviewed on VideoGaiden (BBC Scotland show, check the internet site though to stream) last night, and supposedly it's really bad. I think visually it's pretty good, but the gameplay is supposedly even worse than a normal survival-horror.

I think EDGE scored it lowly too...?

Jon Choo said...

I heard it was pretty crappy gameplay wise, but I don't think I will dismiss it just yet.

Not sure about EDGE. It wasn't in the new issue (the PS3 issue).

Having said that games should not be victims of media crucifixations, no matter how bad they are. Except Lego Star Wars II DS. That was disgusting.