Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2009 showroom report

Had about an hour of free time to check out the first ever SEE09 in Earl's Court, London. Unless you are a developer there isn't really much to see that may interest the average person. Still in interesting event and one that I hope will continue as the now open source Symbian platform grows.

Sony Ericsson's Satio is a much quicker and polished product than the N97. It runs on Symbian^1 (Series 60 5th Edition) but with Sony Ericsson's usual custom UI sitting on top. The XMB UI used in the media section is just brilliant, about as smooth in speed as you will find in a standard PSP and PS3. There is no slow down despite the special effects used. If only the Satio had a bigger battery and native 3.5mm headphone jack - that would make this the perfect modern touchscreen phone currently available on the market.

The Nokia X6 is the sucessor to the popular 5800 Xpress Music. According to a rep, roll out will begin in November and will only be available initially with Come With Music (meaning that it won't be as cheap as the 5800XM). It feels much more solid than the 5800XM - not that the 5800XM is anything bad though (it is a bargain in today's money). Definitely something to think about if you are keen into getting a year's worth of unlimited (legal) music download.

The X6 in landscape mode. I can't say I am fan of U2 at all, but the sound quality is brilliant as usual for a Xpress Music product.

The Nokia N97 Mini is what the N97 should have been. Smaller size, better materials used and the new V20 firmware that is less buggy than the one initially shipped with the N97. Downside? Less flash memory, same slow processor and smaller battery. If you are dead set of getting a N97 forget about it and get the N97 Mini instead.

The Nokia Booklet 3G is just a standard Atom-based ultraportable or what the media like to call as 'netbook'. Still the built quality is miles better than the average Asus EEE or Acer Aspire One. I would say that it is closer to the built quality of a Sony VAIO or Lenovo.

The Nokia Bluetooth BH-905 stereo headphone is pretty expensive for what it does. The sound quality is ok, definitely not worth the money IMO. Get a mid-range to high-end IEM instead. Sure there is a microphone here, but you will look like a tit talking through that anyway.

Finally, this Fujitsu f09a device runs on the NTT Docomo's FOMA Symbian platform with MOAP UI, has a fingerprint scanner down the back and has all the usual goodies that Japanese consumers are accustomed to (GPS, 1Seg digital TV, 8MP camera); including a spanking 480x960 touchscreen display. All in a package that weighs less than the N97. Exactly the type of device I had hoped to have seen more on display at today's event but sadly this was the only one of its kind on display (that I've found). Such a shame you can't buy it here...

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