Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some not so hush hush Nokia event in London

Well, I have been invited to participate in a 'secret' Nokia event. The event itself isn't a secret, but I am hardly the person to cruise for mobile device news these days, preferring not to be bombarded by information overload (this is from a person who is a keen twitterer). So it caught me by surprise when Katie of WomWorld contacted me a couple of days ago.

In my e-mail exchange with Katie, I initially guessed that this may have something to do with a new N-series, but with the N900 and N97 Mini already announced I highly doubt Nokia would announce the successor to the N97 just yet. The annual Symbian show kicks off the week after so this is nothing to do with this either. I did tell Katie that I strongly suspect that it has something to do with Ovi Maps, due to the location of the event (on an empty plot of land next to City Hall). She confirmed nothing but later I found this page here via another blog which all but confirms the event (the date says it all).

So a slight disappointment that it would not be an announcement for mythical N98 with Symbian^2 or perhaps the successor to the brilliant E90, but I am still curious to see well integrated social media services is with Ovi Maps, and how well it works in real life especially from a pedestrian point of view (I do not drive). I have already ditched TomTom (of whose products I have used since the old CityMaps for Pocket PC days) due to the lack of development in favour of Nokia Maps, but I have not tried the latest Ovi Maps due to compatibility issues with my E51.


The Nokia Review said...

Hey Jon, just got my invite too, I guess I'll be seeing you there.. ;o)

Jon Choo said...

Followed you on Twitter. See you there as well. :)