Monday, October 19, 2009

More on Nokia's not so hush hush event

So I have just received my itinerary from WOMWorld for Nokia's The Good Things event. I will be joining nine other bloggers/twitterers(?) in having the chance to do touris'y stuff in London (one of the rare chance where one becomes a tourist in a city he or she lives in) and chatting with a Nokia product manager ("Is Nokia developing the successor to the E90?" will be my first question).

I will be posting updates via Twitter. You can follow me @jonchoo. The other nine attendees are:

Michael Hell – @xmichaelsfx
Taimas Arbabi – @dailymobile
Roman Schweigler – @S60inside
Glenn Letham – @gletham
Varun Krishnan – @FoneArena
Jerome Parkin – @mapperz
Christian Haslam – @chaslam500
Jay Montano – @jaymontano
Ibrahim Jogee – @thenokiareview

I am expecting a parcel to arrive tomorrow with some clues as to what the event will be about. I have also been promised a surprise, and though the surprise has already been spoilt by DHL, I won't reveal it here just yet. ;)

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